is a site that is dedicated to a particular form of water sport called underwater scuba diving. Though it may sound dangerous, it s now a fairly common water sport and adventure activity.

This site will discuss in detail and at length, the different ways of scuba diving. The site will also cover extensive materials and guides on how to take up this activity as a sport, or simply as a vacation activity. Scuba diving is not easy and needs proper training with a certified trainer before you can go underwater. This site will cover some of the best underwater and scuba diving places and instructors in the world.

Scuba diving involves wearing fins and more importantly, proper breathing equipment and apparatus. Humans by nature cannot survive underwater as they are not naturally equipped to breath oxygen through water. This is why it is important that safety is given due importance, and proper apparatus is brought to the scene. will share several tips and tips on how to stay underwater for longer periods of time, how to swim underwater and how to stay safe.

Many people like to film their underwater experience using special cameras and head gears. This site will also share some of the best rated scuba diving equipment and how to get it online at reasonable rates. is a site that is dedicated to scuba diving and all the different experiences that it offers. As a scuba diver, you will get to explore marine life like never before.